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ISOESPUMA is 100% Brazilian, and has extensive experience in the industrial foam business. It adapts to the market demands, such as high levels of quality production, or fast delivery while maintaining said quality, at the lowest logistic costs. All aspects are possible due to its strategic locations  in Ibirité – MG and Diadema – SP.


We have been working with a number of areas, such as in the automobile, agricultural, military, white goods and container industries, since 2003. We are experts in personal relations with clients, in analyzing and creating technical designs, and developing parts. Our teams follow our projects up close, suggesting the most adequate materials for each application procedure, according to specific needs established by clients, and analyze tooling for each procedure, while following our criteria of quality and speed.


We cater for a number of areas, mainly the automobile, agricultural and container industries.


Development and production of wrapping parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles, with noise reduction, protection, damping and filtering properties.


Years of experience


Refrigeration and white goods

Development and production of parts for refrigeration systems and appliances, with damping and filtering, noise canceling and thermal isolation properties.


Special sectors

Development and production of replacement parts for tanks and tractors (destined to the army and to agricultural production).


Packaging Sector

Development and production of foam destined to customized containers for different areas.


Isoespuma produces flexible technical parts, while using the appropriate material to your project and area. Parts which promote damping, noise canceling, sealing, filtering, or that may work as containers, coating, trimming, tape, wedging and stoppers.

The material may vary between ethylene-vinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, felt, filtering foam, polyurethane foam, sintered foam, closed cells or crossed-linked. The parts may also come with an adhesive layer.

That being said, the company offers solutions in many materials, expanded or not, as well as in many forms (pressed, cut, and in varied dimensions), all of which go through a strict quality control system during the processes.

These are some of the basic materials from our simple segment and our green segment.

Simple Segment

These are the main basic materials we work with:

Green Segment

A brief presentation on our recyclable materials.


A view on our production processes


Satisfaction indicators are obtained through reports generated by clients in relation to quality control and pattern, both from product and customer support. Isoespuma executes its PDCA based on those reports, focusing on a continuous evolution process. 

“Satisfying the needs of our clients, always based on continuous improvement, both of our products and our services.”


The lab based quality control works as a competitive differential, where it assures foam quality since its formulation to its final application. Through specific equipment, it is possible to test resistance and traction, comprehension, dimension, density, deformity and burning levels.


Our logistics is a combination of methods (milk run or traditional) which shortens processes and the means destined to doing whatever it takes in order to deliver products in the right estimated delivery time, as well as the correct quantity, with adequate storage and the shortest CO2 emission levels possible.


O Plano trienal de ambições ESG (2022- 2024) da Isoespuma estão associadas com os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável da ONU (ODS).

Environmental ambition pillar

1-To have 10% of the energy consumption as renewable energy until 2030
2 –Reduction of solid residue in 20% until 2025
3 – Increase the geen line products within ISOESPUMA’s production in 10%

Social ambition pillar

4– Guaranteeing that 50% of leadership positions are filled by women. Guaranteeing that more than 50% of the workforce are people of colour until 2030.
5 – Internal climate research of 5%
6 – Maintaining client satisfaction levels above 90%
7 – Respecting the General Personal Data Protection Law

Governance ambition pillar

8 – Creating the denounce channel
9- Managing external auditing  (ISO 9.001, IATF, Duns Number)
10 – Obtaining 14.001 until 2030



ISOESPUMA has as a mission to produce technical parts made from flexible material, in order to fulfill our clients’ needs and to contribute to the well being of society while avoiding environmental damage.



ISOESPUMA’s vision is to maintain itself as the best organization in producing technical parts made from foam and derived material, while focusing on being one of the best ones at a national level.



  • Responsibility in communicating with internal and external clients, suppliers and society;
  • Honesty;
  • Participative interest from our professionals;
  • Teamwork;
  • Personal development;
  • Open-mindedness while receiving feedback;
  • Systematizing organization;
  • Speed in developing projects and logistics;
  • Technical creativity;
  • Fulfilling ISOESPUMA’s ambitions



Certificates and awards from our clients and suppliers prove the high quality level of our productive and logistic processes.

 “Motivation to produce technical parts made from foam and derived material with quality is based on improving processes continuously, on technical capacitation of our collaborators within the applicable patterns in client satisfaction.”

Credibility Certificate DUNS NUMBER (Dun & Bradstreet)

Since 2016, ISOESPUMA has been awarded the DUNS NUMBER Credibility Certificate, which is internationally recognized. It is issued by the American consultancy Dun & Bradstreet,  specializing in financial, accounting and business analyses of companies around the world. The certification is a testament to transparency and financial solidity, which provides greater confidence in relations with the market and more agility in negotiations with customers and suppliers.

ISO9001 Certificate IBIRITÉ /MG – DIADEMA/SP

The expression ISO 9001 designates a group of technical standards that establishes a quality management model for organizations in general, no matter their type or size. For the MG headquarters, the ISO9001 certification has been achieved since 2006 and maintained until today. For the headquarters in SP, the ISO 9001 certification has been achieved since 2021. “The improvement of the quality management system and continuous improvement of processes, through the quality team, allowed the company ISOESPUMA to maintain its certification since 2006, through the search for incessantly raising its standards and making them visible to its customers.”

IATF 16949:2016 Certificate- IBIRITÉ /MG – DIADEMA/SP

It is the mandatory certificate and the most demanding standard of the international standard for automotive management systems. The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) was developed by the world’s leading automobile manufacturers in order to stimulate the improvement of the automotive supply chain and manufacturing process while being the main reference for the implementation of quality management process improvements. Ibirité/MG certified since 2018 and Diadema/SP since 2021. “Although the IATF is a requirement for the automotive sector, ISOESPUMA implements the certification requirements associated with the management system and process, extending it to the company as a whole. ”


3 Awards from the Academia Learn Program


Great results in logistics category for suppliers


Product development partner supplier


We started our activities in Belo Horizonte in the Nova Esperança neighborhood, in an area of ​​320 m2, at Rua São Brás do Suaçui nº 806; in 2005 we moved to Av. Paes de Abreu, nº 18, Vila Ermelinda, to a 650 m2 warehouse; and in August 2011 for the current address. Later, we opened, in October 2020, the Diadema-SP branch.

Ibirité- MG – The head office has an area of ​​10,000 m2 and 4,000 m2 of warehouse, located at Rodovia Renato Brandão Azeredo nº 1070 Bairro Piratininga, Ibirité, MG zip code: 32423-535
CNPJ No. 05.548.203/0001-30


Diadema- SP – With an area of ​​1800 m2 of warehouse, the branch is located at Avenida Lico Maia nº 49 Bairro Conceição, Diadema, São Paulo, zip code 09981-420
CNPJ n.º 05.548.203/0002-11



If you are looking for information, want to request a budget plan, or want to make comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact us. We have a team at your disposal to provide clarification and information through one click.

Reporting channel

ISOESPUMA provides the Reporting Channel, with the objective of communicating with employees, collaborators, users of products and services, partners or suppliers, to report illegal situations of any nature, related to the activities performed by the institution.
• Complaints should, whenever possible, contain enough elements to allow the investigation of the reported facts.
• Anonymous complaints will be investigated, as long as they contain enough data and information to allow an adequate investigation.
• This tool must be used consciously for the credibility of the process.

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